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Sets of Cushions

Explore our pre-styled sets of cushions, pick a look you love and choose the size of your collection. Fine tune your search with our filter and get more ideas in the ‘you may also like’ section of our product pages. Contact us if you need any help or styling ideas.

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Styling with Sets of Cushions

A home that lacks colour and texture is likely to look bare-boned. Our sets of cushions are an easy way to add life and presence to your interior space. Our range allows you to make your furniture more comfortable and can create new seating spaces that didn’t exist before. Even better, they are a great way to add a splash of colour and make your home’s atmosphere feel and look more inviting. When arranged to achieve a desired style, they can transform even the dullest of spaces into a vibrant haven.

With the living room often being one of the most used spaces in the home, it’s important that its overall aesthetic looks appealing and feels relaxing. When selecting your cushion sets for the furniture in your home, ensure that they pull together colours from other elements of the room. This way, your complete scheme will look cohesive and well-put together. Depending on your base furnishings and the colour of your sofa, your sofa cushions can either be in a bold colour palette or a neutral scheme. Vibrant colours work beautifully in tropical, eclectic and boho settings, whilst neutrals suit contemporary, traditional and modern aesthetics best.

Vibrant and bold cushion cover sets add a refreshing twist to indoor or outdoor neutral backgrounds. Styling your home with hues such as mustard, teal and navy blue can lend a splash of colour and ensure that there is something visually interesting to draw the eye. Whether you want to add a spark of colour to your home to make it look livelier, or to create a distinctive new look outside, it’s important that the vibrant shades you opt for blend beautifully with your neutral backdrop.

Dark living room scene showing sets of cushions displayed on a light coloured sofa

In addition to decorating with vibrant and bold designs, you may also opt to style your home with patterned pieces. For instance, floral prints in bright tones can do wonders for your home in summer. When working with patterns, sets of cushions in a combination of large, medium and small-scale print will produce an interesting and well-balanced display. Similarly, you can pair different patterns in the same colourway, such as; stripes, chevron and geometrics. Playing with variation gives an interior space serious style points.

Cushion sets in neutral tones work best in a vibrant colour scheme. White, beige, grey, cream and navy blue are fantastic shades to ground more intense colours. Make your arrangement interesting by playing with different textures. You can simply decide on sets that include cotton-linen, soft velour and faux-fur. Varying fabrics add visual weight and depth to the scheme of things. Alternatively, you may opt for a palette that includes both vibrant and muted neutrals. Just ensure that the colours you chose complement each other, as well as your existing decor.