How to create the Mid Century Modern look with cushions

Living room styled in Mid century modern decor with mustard and fur cushions


Mid Century Modern style is closely associated with the mid 1950s to the early 1960s but reimagined for the 21st century.


Mid Century Modern style

This look is marked by a mix of organic shapes, clean lines and minimal embellishments that offer sleek, sophisticated, functional and colourful design trends that are both stylish and comfortable. It relies on function, simple form and the use of fewer choice pieces.

The aim is to not clutter the space but rather, highlight and draw attention to each piece of furniture. Scandinavia, particularly Denmark and Finland, was home to some of Mid Century Modern’s leading designers.



Features, colours, patterns and textures

Warm, neutral tones are accentuated by pops of deep earthy hues of orange, olive green, burnt umber, pumpkin, chocolate brown and mustard colour. The opposite side of the spectrum includes a few strokes of rich colours like pink, taupe, grey, turquoise, black and yellow to give the style strength and presence.

Patterns around this look are asymmetrical, abstract and geometric and give a room a strong graphic touch.

These show up on everything from glassware to wallpaper. Textures drawn from pillows, throws and drapery are woven from heavy synthetic fabrics such as burlap or nubbly wool knits for added weight and quality.


Beautiful photo showing a foreground of a plant and items on a coffee table with mid century modern styled scene in the background including a beige sofa and bright cushions


How to create the Mid Century Modern style with cushions?

So how do you create a Mid Century Style look? We’ve coordinated a few cushions from our collection to get you started. For this style to work, it is important to have just the right accessories in place.

Here, a white background acts as a canvas for more daring Mid Century Modern furniture and accessories. The simple timber coffee table, floor lamp, sofa and armchair incorporate different heights to prevent the space from looking too uniform. The area rug adds a textured touch to the clean lines that dominate this design aesthetic.


A living room scene styled out with mid-century modern themed decor including a large collection of brown and autumn coloured cushions


Look 1: Our Kafka Collection

In this scene, we’ve selected our Kafka 7 Cushion Cover Collection which is perfect if you want to achieve a mid century Scandi look. It works well when paired against a neutral background to give the room a distinct identity of its own.

Here, we’ve opted for velvet brown cushion covers as the base, and then we added pattern using our Alfama Impressions cushions in two sizes. These act as strong accents and boost the sleek and stylish characteristics of the entire look. A single rectangular velvet cushion adds variety to the cushion shapes.

Our gorgeous teal cushion softens the look while the knitted throw adds texture and complements the area rug. The potted plant, floor lamp and artwork tuck nicely into the decor and create a warm and comfortable ambiance without adding clutter. To create this look yourself, pair any of our Kafka Collections with a grey or beige sofa. Add a few accessories for visual interest.


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Photo of 45x45cm cushion in teal colour
5 cushion covers with duck egg, brown and blue colours and in moose and triangle pattern
Large shiny brown velvet floor cushion
Mid century modern scene with breuer cushion collection


Look 2: Our Breuer Collection

This time we’ve opted for the Breuer 8 Cushion Cover Collection which has an air of sophistication. In this scene, the two graphic patterned cushions in gold, rust and pink tones make a particularly strong, rich and impressive statement, while the mid grey solid cushions ground the look. 

The plush Ecru Fur cushion brings in a warm aesthetic that is both inviting and soothing. Our stunning mustard rectangular velvet cushion introduces some depth and variation to the cushions colours and shapes. To create this look yourself, start with a sofa in soft-hued fabrics and then add one of our Breuer Collections.


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45cm x 45cm Ecru Square Fur Cushion Cover
A collection of 8 cushion covers with grey and mustard colours and in rectangular and square shapes
Large shiny olive velvet floor cushion
Mid century modern styled scene with red and green sofa cushions arranged on a beige couch with a chunky knit throw blanket.


Look 3: Our Phoenix Pop Collection

Here, we’ve used Phoenix Pop 6 Cushion Cover Collection that includes rich, vivid colours to enliven the earthy neutral backdrop. In this scene, a pop of large graphic patterned cushions accentuate the neutral colour scheme and introduces plenty of aesthetic appeal.

We then paired these with two burgundy cushions with a touch of maroon to offer a fresh twist and make the look feel more cohesive.  The rectangular olive cushion adds just the right balance while the knitted throw soothes the overall look. 

The colour palette really flows together rather than feeling cliché, resulting in a lively and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this look, try keeping your walls white and your sofa in neutral colours to allow the Phoenix Pop Collection to stand out. Add a kitted throw and ottoman for more quality and depth.


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Very funky cushion cover with abstract triangle pattern
A collection of red, green and multi-colored cushions with diamond and triangle patterns
45x45cm dark red cushion cover


Other ways to achieve the Mid-Century Modern look

A collection of 4 cushion covers in blue and grey colours and in solid and spiral design

Pesce Collection

Choose this collection if you want to highlight existing teal accents, or if you have a neutral sofa and you want to add Mid Century Modern style.

6 cushion covers with brown and red colours and in square and rectangular shapes

Aalto Collection

Choose this collection if you are going for a slightly more feminine Mid Century Modern look. Complements neutral, tan or chocolate brown soft furnishings and accents and mid to dark timber tones.

A collection of 4 multi-coloured, burnt orange and olive square cushions

Saarinen Collection

Choose this collection if you are after a classic Mid Century Modern look. Works well with all timber tones and all dark Mid Century type colour-ways; greens, rusts, black, brown and neutrals.

A mix of 6 cushions in grey, blue and yellow colours

Woodstock Collection

Choose this collection if you’re after a more subtle nod to Mid Century Modern Design. Works well with green or slate grey accents and particularly suits neutral, green or grey toned soft furnishings and with light walnut to dark timber finishes.

Happy styling!

Simply Cushions Team