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Geometric Cushions

Inject some life and personality with funky geometric patterns. The purity of our geometric cushions makes them ideal for a variety of design styles. Shop our selection to find the perfect fit for your home and get free shipping anywhere in Australia on orders over $150 plus easy returns and friendly customer support.

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Styling with Geometric Cushions

From fashion runways to interior design, bold geometric patterns have set the stage with vigour and have been a decorating favourite for decades. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles; and feel right at home in any interior setting — from ultra modern to eclectic and everything in between. Inspired by the striking look of hexagons, diamonds, squares and quatrefoils, our geometric cushions have an edgy quality that will make a room look stylish and contemporary. Soft tonal variation brings in a more subtle effect while vibrant or contrasting colours offer more punch.

Geometric shapes offer what most organic flower inspired prints don’t — they allow you to introduce several bold colours and embrace asymmetry. However, when incorporating geometric cushions into your space, colour remains a critic aspect. These patterns are often striking in their use of repetition, making them natural showpieces. Therefore, it’s best to keep designs in the same colour family, so as not to compete with one another, but complement.

Use geometric cushions in a way that’s distinctive but not overwhelming. Plain cushions really offset them, hence using geometric and non-geometric together create a look that’s cohesive and refined. This display becomes an unexpected focal point when rendered in brilliant colours and interesting textures. Opt for a large floor design showcasing a bold solid colour to tie together the rooms colour palette and bring in some variation in texture.

Geometric cushions are scattered around a lounge room scene with teal and neutral colours present