Top 5 Cool Cushions Online

Cool cushions in a stack with a dog coming forward

Are you still adding finishing touches to your home décor? Do you need some last minute ideas to complete the look for your room’s theme? Try throwing some cushion covers into the mix! With so many styles, colours, and prints to choose from, the ways to add some last minute flair to your décor are infinite! In order to get your creative juices flowing even more, we have scoured the web for some of the best cool cushions online.

Comic Relief!

Your home décor doesn’t have to always be so serious! Allow your cushions to the do the talking with these expressive comic-book style designs. Not only do they add fun colour to your rooms but they can be used as attention-grabbing details that will also fill your rooms with laughter and fun conversation. If you are a comic-book fanatic, these would be perfect for get-togethers with your friends at your house. If you are a bachelor, this is a great staple for your bachelor’s pad and man-cave. If you have a girlfriend that doesn’t mind you adding these pillows to the décor of your home or apartment, marry her!

Flower Power!

Some of the funkiest cool cushions online at the moment feature petals! Add some floral inspiration to your décor with these beautifully designed flower cushions! Colours inspired by the spring create a refreshing atmosphere to any room you decide to put them in. The detailed petal patterns are showstoppers designed to give the illusion that your creativity has bloomed real flowers that are as big as your ideas! Try including these cushions with your sunroom décor for an outdoor experience without the bugs.

Party over Here!

These colourful cushions know how to party! If we had to pick our favourite, it would have to be these buddies. Alternating colours of white and black with accompanying paint strokes will put any of your guests in a good mood to suddenly start dancing! Yes, even your grumpy grandpa. Incorporating these cushions into your décor when you are hosting a party at your place will you give you the added boost of an exciting environment that people will be dying to come back to. No party-poopers allowed!

Seasonal Bliss!

Does your outdoor décor need a little seasonal pick-me-up? Get ready for fall with these striking oversized leaf designs. Imagine sitting outside on your chair sipping some hot chocolate, enjoying the crisp air and setting sun. As the sun gives off its last vibrant rays for the day, it catches the colours in the leaves that are softly floating across your yard. Add to this peaceful experience by being surrounded by some comfortable and plush leaves that won’t crush when you squeeze them. For a more natural feel, try adding some real fall leaves to the mix by sprinkling a handful around these beauties for the ultimate fall feeling!


Create a fun ice-breaker game for your guests to play with these Scrabble-inspired cushions! This design, reminiscent of the placement tiles in the original game, instantly create an atmosphere of playful thinking that never gets old. Make these cushions the focal point in your room by making warm personalised greetings out of them for each day, holiday, or event. Have toddlers that hate sitting still? Curb their attention span by giving them a fun way to learn their letters and words during quality family time!

With these cushions, you will never have a dull moment. For whatever theme you want to incorporate them in, you are adding a touch to your décor that will make your designs that much more unique. We enjoyed bringing you some ideas from cool cushions online to play around with and be sure to check out our guide here for some tips on where to get yours. We would love to see the cool designs you pick!