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Aztec Cushions

Our vivid Aztec cushions partner vibrant hues with tantalising geometric patterns to work wonders in any living space. Create a spectacular statement in your home with our range and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150 and our incredible and unparalleled customer support.

Styling with Aztec Cushions

If your home is due for an update, Aztec cushions are a simple and quick way to bring in colour and texture. The bold yellow and blue hues lend themselves beautifully to neutral settings, creating a decor scheme that’s both bright and eye-catching. To add a chic style touch, team with natural finishes such as wood, leather and rattan for a more grounded and authentic look. The mix of blue and yellow solids and prints is sure to stand-out and be the focal of your rooms’ decor scheme.

Let Aztec cushions transport you to a more stylish world with striking prints. Introducing pattern play such as punch geometrics can transform your entire decor and create a look with depth and interest. For a more eccentric look, bring in a different pattern, for example, stripes to pair with your geometric prints. Use similar patterns or colours elsewhere on an art piece, a comfy couch throw, area rug, lampshade or any other accent in the room. Doing so offers something truly dynamic yet cohesive and balanced.

A room with neutral or all-white base furnishings is simply untapped potential to create an interior full of fun and distinctive design by bringing in vivid hints of colour. You have such a blank canvas to work with, and adding punchy Aztec cushions can help make your space a spot everyone will sit back and enjoy lounging in. Team with different shades of blue and mustard yellow or zesty lemon to give your display more dimension. Yellow and blue geometric patterns look equally gorgeous with soft grey, charcoal, deep indigo and black.

Styling your home with Aztec cushion covers brings the freshness and vibrant note of blue and yellow, while the soft textures add warmth and cosy feel in any interior. This is the perfect combination for achieving both vibrant and relaxing ambience in your living space. When paired with saturated, moody hues, the blue and yellow prints offer a super bold and dramatic touch that’s ideal for a cosy and inviting contemporary atmosphere. Make a strong style statement by pairing with a selection of deeply saturated colours such as charcoal, marsala red, hunter green, matte black or dusty pink.

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