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Rectangular Cushions

Rectangular cushions can be the ultimate finishing touch for your collection. With their oblong shape, rectangle cushions sit beautifully at the front of an arrangement and allow those in the background to shine through. Find your 30×50 cushion covers here and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150.

Rectangular cushion covers work wonderfully as centrepieces for your collection and their functional shape makes them also extremely comfortable. The only issue is there’s an infinite number of colours and patterns available to suit any interior aesthetic. The trick for styling with various prints, such as florals, chevron, geometric and tribal, together with block pieces in this size involves nothing more than finding designs that have a common colour. Meaning, while the patterns may be very different, a similar colourway will bring your look together and give life to the arrangement without overwhelming the room. To get it right, choose one or two dominant colours that all the cushions should contain for a balanced finish.

Soft furnishings make a design statement in any decor setting and at the sweet spot of form and function. You can go matchy-matchy and pair your rectangle cushion covers gorgeously against traditional shaped pieces by sticking to one colour in different tones, or alternatively, you may opt to take the opportunity to incorporate some texture like that in natural fabrics to really bring your living space to life. A combination of fabrics adds a little bit of “comfortable sophistication” and more visual appeal to your arrangement.

When combined with traditional square designs, rectangular shapes provide a look that is unique and striking. Embracing the unexpected structural element of rectangular cushions can pull the overall look of your display together and turn your square pieces into an even more notable decor feature. The oblong shape can draw on and echo other rectangular elements within the space such as the room accessories, lighting fixtures and furniture shapes without looking overdone. What’s more, they create a rich feeling of warmth, depth and textural emphasis when laid over a different shape.

If you have block pieces in neutral, introduce 30×50 furnishings in a bold colour or bright pattern to make a striking statement and draw attention to your couch. This type of layering is sure to enhance your room’s cosiness and focus point. Similarly, neutral rectangle cushions can balance off background furnishings in bright colours and patterns. Additionally, both rectangular and squarish furniture – such as a coffee table, a couch, or a statement chandelier – all provide an opportunity for a combination of quadrilateral pieces to complement, unify, and really make the whole room pop.

In any type of space, using the same shapes throughout creates a cohesive style that works well to achieve symmetry and alignment. On their own, oblong cushions are the perfect match for a petite sofa, a bench, or an armchair, serving as simple but statement-making pieces to the vignette. As the crowning glory at the forefront, rectangular decorative pieces enable you to compose a personalised design look that will initiate great comfort and a new style for your overall room decor.

A refreshing way of adding detail to your home, oblong cushions covers can reflect your personal style without hurting your wallet. The key to ace the arrangement-game is by understanding how different colour tones and textures can be combined in a way that your overall display looks consistent. The right pieces will blend effortlessly with your existing interior scheme and transform the ambience of the room to match the feel of the ongoing season. Eye-soothing hues and prints in cotton and linen are a breath of fresh air for summer decor, while rich fabrics such as velvet, knitted, and faux fur radiate the warmth and cosiness of the winter.

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