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Square Cushions | 45×45 Cushion Covers

Square cushions are the building blocks of a great collection and often the most frequently used shape with 45cm x 45cm being a popular size. Our 45×45 cushion covers come in a wide range of colours and styles. Buy yours with us and get free shipping on orders over $150.

These square cushions are the perfect size to build your arrangement around. Mixing up your square shapes and properly arranging them is a quick and easy way to make a space feel brand new. When it comes to styling your living room there’s no better way to make a striking first impression than with a bold cushion or two for greater design impact. Incorporating a bold pattern can break up the monotony of a living space with a neutral palette just as easily as the right statement cushion will accentuate your home’s decor scheme.

Deciding on a neutral palette to define your interior scheme doesn’t mean the look should be boring or clinical; in fact, the latest neutrals are about delivering layers and complexity. 45×45 cushion covers in warm neutrals are equally capable of bringing edge and sophistication as well as warmth and comfort. For instance, white, beige, black, black and navy are colours that make a traditional setting feel modern and a minimal contemporary aesthetic feel less stark. The versatility of new grey-based shades, hints of green and even gentle mauves are making “the new neutrals” the go-to palette for creating timeless decor schemes.

Adding bold and bright tones, like those in mud cloth designs, can inject your home with a sense of personality and transform it in the blink of an eye. For a harmonious and well put together look, opt for 45cm cushion covers in colours that exist in some element in the room – an art piece, curtains, a lamp shade, or a large vase. Furthermore, the colours you choose should complement each other, meaning that they should look stunning when placed side by side. To curate your collection, edit them down to a similar colourway at a time – say a variety of pinks in varied textures for extra depth.

From leaf and ikat to mud cloth and mandala prints, patterned 45 x 45 cushions can easily become the focal point of any living room or bedroom. When pairing multi-coloured and patterned cushions with solids, you may want to opt for pieces with the same pattern scale and the same basic colour to avoid your display from looking too busy and overwhelming. What’s more, mixing different shapes and sizes can bring extra dimension and visual interest to the scheme of things.

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